Japanese fashionable spirits: the example of Sake

Sake is a Japanese word for alcoholic drinks. This country is full of many types of drinks in this genre, available in many flavors to suit all tastes. This article will help you to choose a sake.

Shochu: a very fashionable drink in Japan

Generally, shochu is made from rice, barley, wheat, sweet potato, sugar cane, etc. Depending on the basic ingredient chosen, there are several types of shochu sold in Japan, but also in several countries of the world. For example, there is imo shochu whose main ingredient is sweet potato, kome shochu made from rice, and mugi shochu made from wheat. Honkaku shochu made from black sugar is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the country. The preparation consists in distilling only once the components to obtain a drink with more flavor and thus more aromatic. This alcoholic drink is very popular in Japan and is one of the best traditional Japanese drinks.

Which drink to start with?

First tasting of Japanese spirits? If this is your case, you will certainly not know how to choose between the multitude of bottles proposed on the market. Especially, if you have not had any recommendations from connoisseurs. In this case, you can rely on the label inscriptions to choose a sake. Although most of the labels are in Japanese, it is still possible to refer to the translations offered by the product descriptions on the online Japanese liquor websites. Aromatic profile, category, origin, taste indicator, composition, these tools will allow you to make your choice among the best sakes offered according to your tastes. You can even consult the recipes and compose your own cocktails if you are looking for a particular flavor, or if you want to be creative.

Tasting the best spirits of Japan

There are many types of tastings that will allow you to discover several flavors of trendy Japanese spirits. For example, you can taste different preparations in order to compare the taste of Japanese spirits. For this kind of tasting, you can choose a well-known sake like Honjozo or Ginjo. If, on the other hand, you want to taste sake as an aperitif, you can choose cocktails such as Umesake No Kyo with small seafood dishes as accompaniment. You can also accompany some sakes with fruits according to your preferences. In case you are looking for specific pairings, don't hesitate to read the labels and product descriptions which will certainly suggest you some accompaniments for a better tasting. This way, you will be able to choose your sake and enjoy the best possible culinary preparations to enjoy your Japanese alcohol with ease.
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