Whisky and chocolate: a perfect couple

According to the experts, whisky is the most gourmet of spirits. A whisky has had the noble privilege of spending some time in a barrel. As for chocolate, with its inimitable flavor, it flatters the palate of many people around…

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A gastronomic dinner with whisky: what food pairings?

Would you like to organize an aromatic dinner with whisky? Do you want to do as the Scots do and enjoy the incomparable flavor of such a meal? Would you like to know what combinations are possible? Here, we reveal…

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Tasting whisky with a cigar: an art of tasting?

Since its first commercialization, whisky has known a great success. Thus, it is part of the most appreciated drinks in the world. Of Irish or Scottish origin, it is marinated with several ingredients. For an art of tasting, to take…

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The essential accessories to offer to a whisky lover

For a whisky lover, finding a gift seems difficult. An accessory can be given to a whisky lover. The best gift is to find an indispensable accessory for them. There are many whisky tasting accessories. It is necessary to choose…

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