Whisky and chocolate: a perfect couple

According to the experts, whisky is the most gourmet of spirits. A whisky has had the noble privilege of spending some time in a barrel. As for chocolate, with its inimitable flavor, it flatters the palate of many people around the world, perhaps even yours. For you, the association of chocolate with whisky may be incompatible.

Finding the perfect chocolate and whisky pairing

Enjoying a good glass of whiskey can last a while, but when combined with chocolate, it can immediately warm up the palate of the most gourmand. Thus, whisky and chocolate can be an excellent union. They have the same aromatic profile and their tasting nuances have common features. You can experiment. Make sure that the whisky and chocolate are at room temperature, this will keep their aromas. You can add mineral water to dilute the spirit slightly. This will prevent it from evaporating. You can taste the chocolate by crunching it and letting it melt in your mouth for a few seconds. Then take a sip of whiskey. At that point, it's up to you to see if the whsiky and chocolate pairing has produced the most unlikely flavor.

Whisky and chocolate: a refined marriage

Born of surprising results and sensational craftsmanship, both whisky and chocolate are in the realm of luxury. With 300 aromatic compounds, chocolate can compete with the variety of tastes of a whisky that a long time spent in a barrel makes it even more sublime. The chocolates that have more than 70 % of cocoa give incredible agreements with the whisky. Both contain a universe of complexity. To combine them is to open up an unlimited number of possibilities. Imagine the aromatic richness of cocoa from Venezuela, Bolivia, ... The agreement whsiky and chocolate allows you to discover a wide range of possibilities.

Whisky and chocolate: which principle to follow

In general, it is the specificity of the spirit that guides the choice of chocolate. Indeed, well matching the two forms a well matched duo, and can even provoke passions. A young whisky having a taste of honey or vanilla will agree very well with the deliciousness of a chocolate ganache, with tonka bean. A more peaty whisky with a taste of candied yellow fruits will go well with a chocolate ganache with notes of bitter orange. Making a good choice is therefore very important. But counter-indication: not too much tannin with chocolate, its persistent aromas dominate most drinks. Not too much sugar: a too sweet chocolate can totally overshadow the drink. The agreement between whisky and chocolate must be well balanced.
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