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Focus on Gin: a popular alcohol turned chic

For some time now, gin has become a trendy alcohol again. It’s no wonder it’s so popular, because it’s not too sweet, not too fizzy, not full of chemical additives… It’s a fresh, light spirit with a bitter and spicy…

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Do you know the history of Rum, the sugar cane brandy?

The history of rum is closely associated with that of sugar cane. In other words, it all starts with sugar cane. The domestication of sugar cane spread rapidly to different countries, whose humidity and climate are all compatible with its…

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Tequila: strong symbol and identity of Mexico!

Symbol and carrier of the identity of the Mexican country, tequila is a precise and abundant regulation. Indeed, this drink is one of the most known and consumed alcoholic drinks in the world. However, there are still many people who…

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Japanese fashionable spirits: the example of Sake

Sake is a Japanese word for alcoholic drinks. This country is full of many types of drinks in this genre, available in many flavors to suit all tastes. This article will help you to choose a sake. Shochu: a very…

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