Tequila: strong symbol and identity of Mexico!

Symbol and carrier of the identity of the Mexican country, tequila is a precise and abundant regulation. Indeed, this drink is one of the most known and consumed alcoholic drinks in the world. However, there are still many people who know less about this drink. In the market there are several brands of tequila and in different shapes of bottles, the trick is to know how to choose well.

What is tequila?

As in the past, tequila continues to shape the world with its unique flavor and smell. People drink it whether it's for a birthday party, a holiday party or if they just want to have fun. Despite its notoriety, many people don't really know what tequila is, what it's made of or where it comes from. First of all, tequila is an alcoholic drink. But it is also known as Mexican brandy, since it originated in Mexico. It is obtained through the fermentation and distillation of agave juice. As this drink contains blue agave which provides bacteria, tequila helps to better digest food. But that's not all, for people who want to lose some weight, this alcoholic drink can be a good idea. Indeed, tequila has a capacity to decrease the blood sugar level in the body.

How to choose the right tequila?

To choose a tequila you are going to buy, you must first take into account some essential points. First of all, you need to look at the bottle, know the price and the distillery. A bottle can provide a charm to the table where it is placed. That is why it is important to select the right colors, shapes and sizes of the bottles. Generally, tequila is sold in a 70 cl bottle. When reading the information on the bottle, you should pay special attention to the mention blue agave to check the percentage of this raw material. Then, it is necessary to take into account the gustatory characteristics of the drink. Tequila contains many treasures, both in the nose and in the mouth. To choose it, there are not really particular parameters, everything depends on your tastes and preferences.

How to taste tequila?

Everyone has their own way of tasting tequila. However, if you like to do things the right way, your tequila should be consumed with the right ingredients. To taste and find the right tequila flavor, you need salt and lime. Put a pinch of salt on your tongue and take a sip of your tequila followed by a little lime juice. This will enhance the taste of your drink and bring out its fruity yet woody flavor.
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