What are the different types of whisky?

There are different types of whisky. According to its production, different whiskies can be obtained. The ingredients or the manufacturing process can differentiate them. Whiskies are produced in several ways. Some are obtained from some mixtures. These tastes can be differentiated. The type of whisky can be classified also according to the territorial origin of its production.

Whiskies and their origins

The different whiskies can also be differentiated according to the origin of production. In each country, the production of whisky is different. The production and the name of whisky can change according to the place where it was produced. The whiskey is produced in Irish. Irish whiskies have a big difference on the way of production. They are made by triple distillation. Most whiskies are made by double distillation. The whisky of Scotland is called scotch. Scotch whisky is aged after distillation. It is aged for at least three years. Americans also use whiskey on their spelling. American whiskey is of two types. There is bourbon and rye whiskey. More than half of bourbon has to be corn during its production. For Rye whiskey, it is produced by more than half of rye.

The different types of whiskey

With several mixtures used, it is possible to have different whiskies. There is a whiskey called pure malt. It is the result of several whiskies. The whiskies come from different distilleries. They are mixed together. The whiskies used are produced by malted grains. Single malt is another type of whisky. It is produced by a single distillery. Like the pure malt, it is made only from malted grain, usually barley. It has a fine and powerful taste. The grain whisky can be called by another name. Single grain or blended grain are its other names. It is made by grains that are not malted. It is distilled only once. Blended whisky is a mixture of different whiskies. It can be a mixture of grain whisky and pure malt.

The different names of whiskey according to its composition

Whiskies are different according to the composition they contain. The different whiskies are known by their compositions and the ingredients used. Corn whiskey is made by more than 80% of corn in the whiskey. The straight Rye has in its composition more than half of rye. It is different from straight Tennessee. Its 70% is to compose of corn and rye. The composition of Irish whiskey is 50% malted barley and the 50% is fire-dried malted barley. American straight bourbon is made from corn and rye or wheat.
Origin and birth of whisky
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