Whisky: raw materials and manufacturing process

Nowadays, whisky is an alcoholic beverage preferred all over the world. It was the Scots and Irish who first discovered it. Later, this drink was exported to other countries like Canada and then to the rest of the world. But what are the raw materials for making whisky?

The basic ingredients to make whisky

The manufacture of whisky requires three raw materials: cereal, yeast and water. The most used cereal to create this drink is barley. It is an herbaceous plant with straw. However, it is essential to make a wise choice of barley when making whiskey, as not all barley types make good whiskey. To make an excellent whisky, it is essential to have all the basic ingredients, but the preparation time and the adapted materials are also very important to respect as well as the steps to follow. Which steps?

The whisky making process

In general, there are several essential materials for the manufacture of whisky: the tanks of soaking: during 3 days, the harvested barley enters in a time of dormancy, i.e. that it is disciplined with many periods of humidification to activate the sleep of the embryo and that ends as soon as the ratio of wetting of the grain passes from 15 % to 45 % of moisture. The germination room: in 6 to 8 hours, the wet barley is spread on malting fields in thick layers, which allow the grains to transform their starch into sugar. Once the barley is germinated, the green shoots appear and it is the green malt. It is necessary to pass to the next stage: the kiln: it is a huge oven, in which the green malt is put to dry then in a mill which is a mill allowing to analyze and to sieve the dry malt in some hours. After these steps, the sifted barley is added with water in the brewing tank for about 10 hours. Then the yeast is added to this distillate. Finally, to age the whisky, it is put in a barrel for about three years. Just like other drinks, whisky also has health benefits.

The health benefits of whisky

Drinking a good glass of whisky is good for your health because it extends your life. The antioxidants in whisky help to prolong life, it can overcome stress. Whisky calms the nerves and reduces anxiety. It helps to relax during a long day, it can reduce the risk of heart attack. Drinking whisky prevents cholesterol from lingering in the arteries and promotes good blood circulation. Compared to most other alcoholic beverages then, making whiskey is not so easy, but it has many health benefits if you drink in moderation.
Origin and birth of whisky
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