Focus on Gin: a popular alcohol turned chic

For some time now, gin has become a trendy alcohol again. It's no wonder it's so popular, because it's not too sweet, not too fizzy, not full of chemical additives... It's a fresh, light spirit with a bitter and spicy note and as they say "gin and tonic", to enjoy this simple cocktail made of gin and tonic water with a slice of lemon. How to choose a gin among many others?

A brief introduction to the history of gin

Like many spirits, gin has its origins in the manufacture of medicines. From the beginning of the century, it was used for medical purposes. The origin of gin is in its very name, the juniper plant and its distillate which was considered a "medicine". Gin and tonic is the most classic of gin cocktails and with its fresh, slightly bitter and spicy note, it appeals to both men and women. In England, gin was the Queen Mother's favorite spirit. Certainly a relic of the time when gin was reserved for the nobility because of the high taxes it was subject to. The 80's were a period of disenchantment with gin, but today it is back on the scene and considered a chic and trendy alcohol. To choose a quality gin, it must have an alcohol content of 37.5° minimum and the taste of juniper berries must be present.

What makes a good gin?

This spirit is declined in many ways, because each distillery has developed its own manufacturing recipe that is inspired by family secrets, travel experiences that have been revisited to bring it up to date. Choosing a gin with floral and fruity aromas means using more than a dozen different plants (juniper, eucalyptus, hibiscus, lemon zest, licorice and others) for a quadruple distillation. Some distilleries add a hint of herbs, rosemary, thyme... a floral note, iris, gentian, angelica... and a spicy note, pepper, cinnamon, coriander... A myriad of recipes and house secrets that have made gin a trendy drink to discover or rediscover!

A collection of gins from around the world

Gin has been in the news a lot lately. There are many kinds of gin, white, pink, blue and a multitude of must-have cocktails: gin fizz, dry martini, blue curacao and lime... If you want to choose a gin, it is ultimately largely a matter of taste. Many gin lovers swear by the classic juniper-flavored gins, others prefer more exotic varieties. There are differences in the manufacturing processes that make certain characteristics stand out more than others. You can enjoy them on their own, as a refreshing gin and tonic or in delicious fruity cocktails. Here's to your health!
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