What are the main countries known for their whiskies?

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, the word whisky is always mentioned. Nevertheless, although the brand of whisky is very famous in the world, a lot of people do not know where this drink really comes from.

Whiskies and their countries of origin

Whisky is a drink classified as an alcoholic beverage. It is usually produced from the processing of barley. Malt whisky is made from malted barley and grain whisky is made from a mixture of malted and unmalted barley. However, there are also other whiskies made from other types of grain. Today, the origin of this drink is still very unclear despite its fame in the world. The production of whisky has become very popular in many countries. Each one has its own ingredients and its own manufacturing method. For example, the United States, Canada, Japan, France and Great Britain produce whiskies with different methods and ingredients, which is why these drinks do not have the same taste and smell.

So what is a good whisky?

To choose the right whisky, some important parameters must be taken into consideration. To recognize a good whisky, you must first know the alcohol content, the production process and the age of the whisky. The aspect of the production process is a guarantee of quality, especially whisky obtained from a single distillation. It should be noted that the flavors of this drink are less perceived when it ages. The whisky becomes more and more unpleasant and bitter if it is kept for a long time. The degree of alcohol is to be known since the lower the alcohol content, the worse the flavor. That's why the specialists have defined that the minimum degree for a whisky will be around 40°. But it is necessary to know that a whisky is best enjoyed when its alcohol content is 46°.

The main countries known for their whiskies

For many years, Scotland has been the most famous whisky producing country in the world. The latter holds an important place as a whisky producer in the world. Indeed, Scotland has malt and many pure water sources which are the main materials used in the manufacture of whisky. In addition, there is Ireland which is famous for its whiskies with a fruity and at the same time very light flavor. The whiskies of Ireland are characterized by their manufacturing methods and compositions. The country uses both barley reduced in malt and unreduced barley with multiple distillations. Then there is also Japan which is quite famous for its unusual whisky taste. The climate, the highly applied workers and the pure water sources of this country offer a unique quality to their whiskies. The United States and Canada are also known for their corn-based whiskies.
Origin and birth of whisky
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