Everything about whisky

Origin and birth of whisky

The origin of whisky remains a subject of endless controversy between Scots and Irish in terms of anteriority of production. Whisky, also called whiskey, is a generic English term designating a set of spirits produced by vaporization of malted or…

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Whisky: raw materials and manufacturing process

Nowadays, whisky is an alcoholic beverage preferred all over the world. It was the Scots and Irish who first discovered it. Later, this drink was exported to other countries like Canada and then to the rest of the world. But…

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What are the different types of whisky?

There are different types of whisky. According to its production, different whiskies can be obtained. The ingredients or the manufacturing process can differentiate them. Whiskies are produced in several ways. Some are obtained from some mixtures. These tastes can be…

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What are the main countries known for their whiskies?

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, the word whisky is always mentioned. Nevertheless, although the brand of whisky is very famous in the world, a lot of people do not know where this drink really comes from. Whiskies and their…

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