Tasting whisky with a cigar: an art of tasting?

Since its first commercialization, whisky has known a great success. Thus, it is part of the most appreciated drinks in the world. Of Irish or Scottish origin, it is marinated with several ingredients. For an art of tasting, to take a little whiskey with a cigar would not be refused. But what is so special about this combination, that it is so appealing to whisky lovers?

Whisky and cigar: a historical association

The common history of whisky and cigar is part of the true reasons for the excellence of this combination of taste and pleasure. They did not appear at the same time, but despite that, this duo has invaded the whole world. Since Christopher Columbus, the production of cigars has developed very quickly all over the world, and in particular among the Baltic populations who are the first whisky lovers. It is on this occasion that the association of whisky and cigar made its appearance. And very quickly, it became a worldwide tendency, considering the exquisite taste that it gives off.

Tasting a whisky with a cigar: a match that works wonders

Tasting a whisky without a cigar is not a real tasting. Indeed, to get the flavors of the good old whiskey, it is necessary to smoke a good cigar, while drinking it. This pairing is just wonderful, and there is nothing like it to relax with a good glass of whisky and a cigar in your hand. But to find the right match, it is important to consult a specialist, because the choice of whiskey is made according to the character of the cigar. Thus, to find the essential point in combining whiskey and cigar, it is important to choose well the varieties to be tasted, to bring out the best aromas of this marriage.

Whisky and cigar: two pleasures of life that can not be enjoyed separately

Whisky and cigar is the best association to produce an art of tasting. Indeed, they unite their strength to give a pure finesse, and a very original sensory experience. In principle, to discover the divine taste of this association, it is strongly advised to take a sweet whisky with a sweet cigar, to have a more pronounced taste in mouth. Also, to confront a powerful whisky with a soft cigar will get you the same effect and vice versa. In short, it will accentuate and amplify your taste experiences. Matching whisky and cigar for a well-balanced flavor will not be denied. Know that this tasting will be a turning point in your life. It is a unique experience, and allows you to taste two exceptional products at the same time.
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