A gastronomic dinner with whisky: what food pairings?

Would you like to organize an aromatic dinner with whisky? Do you want to do as the Scots do and enjoy the incomparable flavor of such a meal? Would you like to know what combinations are possible? Here, we reveal all the tips to make your food and whisky pairing a success.

Dishes with whisky

In almost every country, it is customary to prepare good food and whisky pairings. Like wine dishes, a whiskey dish is extremely tasty and has a lot of fans. In Ireland, whisky-smoked salmon is a celebrity and very popular. In Scotland, the national dish "haggis" cooked with whisky is also very popular. But Asians and Indians are no less. Indeed, many dishes of the Thai cuisine are concocted and enjoyed with the famous beverage. Otherwise, here are some specialties with whisky that you can try at home:
  • Foie gras or duck confit. Cook these with a sweet whisky from the Spey Valley (Speyside) in Scotland.
  • Game birds cooked with mushrooms go well with whiskies with spicy notes from the Highlands, the taste of the game will be brilliantly accentuated.
  • We also love to prepare and serve smoked salmon with whiskies with strong island flavors.
  • Oyster dishes bring out their iodine flavors even more with a Highland whisky.

Desserts with whiskies

Desserts are not left alone either, whether it is in ice cream cups or in pastry pieces, here food and whisky pairings also have their place
  • Try a chocolate mousse flavored with a peated whisky, with a preference for dark chocolate of course, you'll want more!
  • The same goes for the peated whisky ice cream, the flavour of the drink adds even more to the chocolate and makes the dessert even more tasty
  • Your many pie recipes can also be enhanced with American whiskies: fruit pie, chocolate pie, cream pie

Closing with whiskey

Cheese can also be enjoyed with whiskey. Haven't you tried it yet with the strong tasting single malts? Then it's now or never! You will see that there is nothing as tasty! In short, like its compatriot wine, whisky is indeed one of the beverages that can be combined with your food and your dishes. All you need to do is to know how to match food and whisky, based on the study of flavors, and paying attention to the dosage.
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